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About Me

Do you believe in Female Supremacy?

I belong to a Fem Domme Society where Women Rule!  

Society is continuously changing and Women are moving to the forefront of all occupations that were once held by men. Currently, Women account for 61% of all College and University Graduate enrollments. men are loosing out in the job market due to this and is therefore causing them to fall back into traditional wife roles. 

Hollywood movies are also using the draw of Dominant Women; just look at the scenes in movies like Angelina Jolie in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", Lucy Liu in "Charlie's Angels.", Winona Ryder in "Girl Interupted", and Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta", just to name a few. Also, Top Selling Authors like Sophia Amoruso with "Girl Boss", and Lois P. Frankel  with "Nice Girls don't get the corner office"  have crushed male authors. In fact Women statistically sell more books than men! 

I am not a Feminist, I am a Female Supremacist!

I do not agree that Women and men are equals. In fact, I believe that Women are innately superior to men.

 Many men know, love, and accept this way of life and actually seek out Women like Me...and I enjoy them immensely. 

In My opinion, men are incomplete Females, hence the difference in the X and Y chromosomes. Awwww...did I insult you? Look, I'm not a scientist, but I can see as clear as day that there is that little part missing and so can you. 

I thoroughly enjoy stripping men of their rights and privilege, relegating them to second class citizen status in a Dominant but nurturing way. Do I hate men? Oh hell no! I love their gift of submission and treat it just as that, a wonderful gift. It takes a special man to entrust his submission, because he knows it is who he is and I am his salvation.

So come meet Me at the FemDomme society. Just click on My image to the right or on the banner below, and register; it's completely free to do so. Dominant Ladies, also feel free to do the same and join Me in Empowering Women whilst having some fun with these boi's and gurls with Me!

Wanna chat live with Me and other members?

I am often in the lobby and the Dungeon chatroom's chatting with fellow Dommes, as well as subs, slaves, sissies, cd's, tg's, etc. Stop by, say hello, and introduce yourself to Me. Don't forget to tell Me where you found Me. If you are new to the Society just enter My ID # 82786 when joining and you will definitely get My attention. Remember, it's free to join!

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